Overall procedure

First, please type

$ ./configure --prefix=install_dir

Then, this script checks the compiler and the libraries required for the installation, and creates Makefiles. install_dir indicates the full path of the directory where the library is installed (you should replace it according to your case). If none is specified, /use/local/ is chosen for storing libraries by make install (Therefore, if one is not the admin, install_dir must be specified to the different directory). configure has many options, and they are used according to the environment etc. For more details, please see Options for configure.

After configure finishes successfully and Makefiles are generated, please type

$ make

to build libraries. Then please type

$ make install

to store libraries and the sample program to install_dir/lib and install_dir/bin, respectively. Although one can use libraries and the sample program without make install, they are a little different to the installed one.

Add the \(K\omega\) library directory (install_dir/lib) to the search path of the dynamically linked program (environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:install_dir/lib

Options for configure

configure has many options and environment variables. They can be specified at once. E.g.

$ ./configure --prefix=/home/komega/ --with-mpi=yes FC=mpif90

All options and variables have default values. We show a part of them as follows:


Default: ---prefix=/usr/local/. Specify the directory where the library etc. are installed.


Default: --with-mpi=no (without MPI). Whether use MPI (--with-mpi=yes), or not.


Default: --with-openmp=yes (with OpenMP). Whether use OpenMP or not (--with-openmp=no).


Default: --enable-shared. Whether generate shared library.


Default: --enable-static. Whether generate static library.


Default: --enable-zdot. When ZDOTC and ZDOTU in BLAS do not work correctly (e.g. standard BLAS in MacOSX), please use this option to be disable these functions.


Default: --disable-threadsafe. If you want to call \(K\omega\) routine in the parallel region (i.e. plan to solve different equations among threads), please use this option (Experimental).


Default: The fortran compiler chosen automatically from those in the system. When --with-mpi is specified, the corresponding MPI compiler (such as mpif90) is searched. If FC printed the end of the standard-output of configure is not what you want, please set it manually as ./configure FC=gfortran.


Display all options including above, and stop without configuration.

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