5.7. [log] section

This section specifies the log file name and the log level.

5.7.1. Input Format

Keywords and their values are specified by a keyword and its value in the form keyword = value. Comments can also be entered by adding # (Subsequent characters are ignored).

5.7.2. Keywords

  • level

    Format : str

    Description : Logging level. The following levels are available.

    • debug

    • info

    • warning

    • error

  • console

    Format : str

    Description : console output mode.

    • default will examine if MPI environment is available or not.

    • mpi for parallel environment in which rank numbers are shown in error log.

    • serial for serial environment.

    • none suppresses console output.

  • console_level

    Format : str

    Description : Logging level for console output.

  • logfile_path

    Format : str

    Description : Path to the log file. If not specified, logs will be send only to console. The parent directories will be automatically created if they are not present.

  • logfile_mode

    Format : str

    Description : MPI log type.

    • master will output logs to fiile only from rank=0.

    • collect will write messages from all ranks to one file.

    • workers will open one log file for each process designated by its rank.

    • serial will not consider parallel environment.

  • logfile_level

    Format : str

    Description : Logging level for log file output.

  • logfile_rank

    Format : int or list of int

    Description : MPI ranks from which logs are written to file. If not specified, all ranks are taken account of.